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art of desktop and application virtualization v10.17.10.txt

Preparing for a presentation at the fall NCGLISA conference on desktop and application virtualization.  Topics will include include real world scenarios for implementing desktop virtualization for an entire organization and how to get there.  I am a bit disappointed that everyone is playing off VDI as a point-specific technology.  With the help of application virtualization and presentation virtualization you can form a strategy to centralize the full scope of your project. This concept is akin to private cloud with other goals of be dynamic via scalibility and app agile.. well, as agile as you can get with Windows-based applications. A key point to remember is that Windows is a multi-user operating system.  I think this valuable tidbit has been lost over time during the VDI hype cycle.  This should lead you to think that I am not a proponent of delivering XP, Vista, or Windows 7 VMs to users.. if so, you are right.. until I hear that the Windows operating system is no longer multi-u