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cisco waas kvm hypervisor revealed v08.07.10.txt

Disregard XenSource as the hypervisor (only looking at OUI gets you nowhere).. (updated)

Apparently OUI has little relevance.. 00:16:3E is used by KVM/QEMU as well.

Figure 14-3 on the following documentation page:
Screenshots show a virtual interface with the MAC of: 00:16:3E:54:B6:23
and with a quick OUIlookup at:

we'll see that 00:16:3E is: Xensource, Inc. (irrelavent, sorry)

- quick note on this.. what is the point of having a standard if everyone is going to canabilize it! I can understand MAC spoofing from a hackers point of view, but just disregarding it from a vendor level makes it even worse.. I was upset when I couldn't copy the existing MAC from a physical NIC to one under VMware, but I understood their point (and rightly so, they did put a switch to allow an override via the .vmx config)

Other notable points: