cisco waas kvm hypervisor revealed v08.07.10.txt

Disregard XenSource as the hypervisor (only looking at OUI gets you nowhere).. (updated)

Apparently OUI has little relevance.. 00:16:3E is used by KVM/QEMU as well.

Figure 14-3 on the following documentation page:
Screenshots show a virtual interface with the MAC of: 00:16:3E:54:B6:23
and with a quick OUI lookup at:

we'll see that 00:16:3E is: Xensource, Inc. (irrelavent, sorry)

- quick note on this.. what is the point of having a standard if everyone is going to canabilize it! I can understand MAC spoofing from a hackers point of view, but just disregarding it from a vendor level makes it even worse.. I was upset when I couldn't copy the existing MAC from a physical NIC to one under VMware, but I understood their point (and rightly so, they did put a switch to allow an override via the .vmx config)

Other notable points:

- virtio is a selectible disk emulation type, used by KVM.
- KVM uses .img file formats and that is discussed as the backup option (file.img)
- kvm.tar.gz exists in WAAS41.bin (not going any further than that)

retrospect time..

- Cisco works with Microsoft to be one of the first vendors to be certified on the new SVVP program.. people shake there heads and say what??

- Cisco announces a new virtual switch designed to run under the new VMware ESX platform based on the Nexus product line running a Linux kernel.

- Cisco releases a new WAAS product with 4.1 allowing for virtual-blades utilizing the open-source KVM hypervisor. (PV drivers yet to be determined.)

So, I would say this is a very smart move for Cisco in the virtualization space.. they have no allegiance to anyone and are able to capitalize from everyone! Great job!


Unknown said…
also note that Edouard Bugnion (VP/CTO, of Cisco's Server Access and Virtualization Business Unit) is a co-founder of VMware and also co-founder of Nuova Systems (the company where the Nexus came from).

So expect many more announcements around virtualization while he is on board.
Unknown said…
"...couldn't copy the existing MAC from a physical NIC to one under VMware,..."

FYI, Having done hundreds of P2Vs, you run into programs tied to MAC addresses and you can change the MAC in the .vmx as you point out but you also can simply change it from the OS as well-it works just fine.

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