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an outlook for security improvements in 2019 v18.12.24.txt

As we wrap up 2018, my news feeds and various email inboxes are littered with security breaches, security vendor hardware, software and training solutions.

All citing an infamous undertone of someone that clicked on a bad link ultimately ending in unwanted code execution that led to more code execution and finally data exfiltration.

I am taken aback by our current ecosystem of general purpose operating systems and their bloated sense of "purpose". 

When is the last time you purchased multi-layer security solutions for your best of breed gaming platforms in your home network environment?  How often do you bludgeon your children's minds with security awareness training when downloading skins, avatars, games and expansion packs from the respective console gaming platforms online stores?  Do you recognize the computational power, network connectivity and deeply connected devices in your most personal home networks linked to video cameras, door locks and vast array of sensor…

eeg and strava quick thoughts v18.12.11.txt

- geocoding EEG raw data and presenting it in a Maner similar to Strava for performance data.
- Allow for tagging throughout the recording process to annotate key events (think strava sections and KOM). Ex: completion of a significant task, researching and full focus reading specific types of articles.
- monitoring of facial expressions during meeting to catch subtle insights and characteristics to coincide with Otter or Voicera timestamps
- BCI with webhooks for high confidence indicators