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xenserver update v08.27.08.txt

Ok, after giving it as much hopeful effort as possible, I have decided that it isn't worth the effort at this point to try and fit XenServer into our enterprise environment. I had my concerns with no support for FC and the lack of NIC bonding since 4.0 with Xensource. I patiently awaited 4.1 and have recently finished testing the latest beta to host the new XenApp 4.5 farm.

It takes way to long to load an initial Windows 2003 OS without the PV drivers in order to make the first template.

NIC Bonding and Trunking.. seriously, I would think this is equivalent to "anti-virus" for any product with the word "Enterprise" in the name. So why is it so difficult? VMware has a very easy to use section during the gui install that clearly lets you define the VLAN that the management interface will reside on. This indicates that they already assume you will be trunking (802.1q) if you enter something here.

In XenServer world, this is all after the fact.. it…

mindtouch deki update v08.24.08.txt

-mindtouch deki enterprise purchased (
-using 8.05.2 version in their VM for best support
-will focus on esx vm-based replication (possibly with vReplicator) for db/attachment sync
-there is really no need to get mysql replication and rsync for filesystem syncronication because it only scales for this one app.. vm-based replication would scale better and across all systems.
-cost per year versus sharepoint (5:1 savings)
- doesn't integrate like office/sharpoint does, but how many "work in progress" docs need to be in word vs. an html wysiwyg editor?

xenserver update v08.24.08.txt

ok, while starting to building the new xenapp 4.5 farm (knowing 5.0 is right around the corner) I've decided not to scrap XenServer Enterprise and give the latest beta with NIC bonding and SAN FC multipathing a shot for our XenApp VMs along with Citrix PVS 5.0 (btw, Dell Flexible Computing has updated their download site)

Right now I don't have a problem saying we'll use XenCenter to manage the XenApp hosts running XenServer since the PVS servers are running in VMware ESX 3.5 along with the rest of the backend infrastructure..

I thought I would be stuck with no room for any shared storage since the SAN is fully carved with vmfs3 volumes and place from a Xen LVM but with Provisioning Server I can just stream the vDisks to the XenApp servers without a need for any hdd being visible to those VMs.

On a side note, the VNC-based implementation for the console in XenCenter is not so cool.. it "feels" like VNC versus a guest running …

whatsnew v08.16.08.txt

Hmm.. I think there was a bit a lag between this post and my last!

I have come to the conclusion that there is a major bottleneck between the thoughts in my head and my hands composing blog entries.

So as typical, with no ryhme or reason, here is what is going on..

- drop MBA, pursuing MPA at AppState - first semester done.

- drop XenServer Enterprise, transition to ESX 3.5 U2 (with time-bomb patch!!) - completed.

- analyze all app streaming/virtualization offerings determine best for rollout
---purchased thinstall, then new features once vmware re-released as thinapp 4.0
---overlooked citrix app streaming feature in 4.5 (stuck in 4.0 farm with time constraints)
---now pursing citrix app streaming, trying to figure out how complete offline mode users will run and not eat a full enterprise license.. that would spell bad news for citrix's offering and put thinapp right back at the top.

-implementing MS EA, so getting MS app virtualization thrown in.. we'll see about it..

-it is …