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Hmm.. I think there was a bit a lag between this post and my last!

I have come to the conclusion that there is a major bottleneck between the thoughts in my head and my hands composing blog entries.

So as typical, with no ryhme or reason, here is what is going on..

- drop MBA, pursuing MPA at AppState - first semester done.

- drop XenServer Enterprise, transition to ESX 3.5 U2 (with time-bomb patch!!) - completed.

- analyze all app streaming/virtualization offerings determine best for rollout
---purchased thinstall, then new features once vmware re-released as thinapp 4.0
---overlooked citrix app streaming feature in 4.5 (stuck in 4.0 farm with time constraints)
---now pursing citrix app streaming, trying to figure out how complete offline mode users will run and not eat a full enterprise license.. that would spell bad news for citrix's offering and put thinapp right back at the top.

-implementing MS EA, so getting MS app virtualization thrown in.. we'll see about it..

-it is hard to believe that citrix had the streaming profiler 1.1 for over a year with no updates compared to what I've seen with the build release schedule with thinstall/thinapp. Makes you wonder if they just got it right, or there is ALOT of work to be done.. time will tell for me, others that have been using it for while can chime in.

-need to transistion ISA 2004 enterprise array to 2006 and move to vm environment

-enjoying zune pass.. I'm glad it is a little known secret, just wish I had known about it sooner, could have saved some more spent on albums. would like to see the zune 2.5 software on the pc have real fullscreen playback had to tweak settings on the tv to "hide" the bottom zune bar. also, what is the point to have media player 11 and zune from the same company? seems like alot of cross-development

-wanting to implement mindtouch deki as a replacement for our wiki.. ok with the debian backend, but really would like to see a good rsync (for file attachments) and mysql replication walkthrough. That or support sql 2005 express so I can use their replication

-finished 70-290, 70-291 tests.. it's amazing how I used to dread the last couple of chapters on performance monitoring with the NT 4.0 MSCE stuff and now that I use it in an out, that is really the main thing I care about.. need to read up further on the article that says alot of the perfmon metrics (ie: disk queue length, etc) are ineffective under a vm environment

-still tired on MS and the cell carriers not upgrading their smartphones to support the lastest windows mobile version and just assume you want to buy a replacement phone.. I think blackberry showed us this was the wrong way to go about it... plus it looks like you really need to by a windows mobile 6.1 to really "compete" enterprise class with blackberry.. although I don't really care for the additional dependency on the BES and blackberry servers to get my email.

-still want to run an esx cluster on 2-3 mac minis with a time capsule running nfs or iscsi as the shared datastore. if I see a post on it, I'll just assume they got the idea from here.

there is plently more but as I said earler, the hands are not fast enough to get the data out and it's time to move to other thoughts now...


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