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citrix pvs large ad slow console hotfix v08.29.09.txt

quick note - this hotfix along with it's rudimentary installation method of manually stopping a service and then copying in files and restarting a service does work to dramatically increase the speed of the management console when working with any size PVS farm with a large AD environment. if you are looking to deploy PVS 5.0 and/or demo some of the features and it is looking rough with the response times to change device properties this patch is for you! the bad thing is that it doesn't show up in a small demo vm lab since you usually don't have a large AD environment to deal with, then you go and rebuild in production and everything slows to a crawl. I'm just curious how many PVS hotfixes will have to be deployed like this.. I think there are a few application packagers out there under GPL.. you know, Citrix being an "Application Delivery" company any all...

silly vendors ft is for everyone v08.24.09.txt

From Mike D's blog entry: Time for Some Real Names Stratus It is only advantageous to the end user for you guys to duke it out in order to weed out the marketing fluff.. not sure you should "ban" a user from posting comments because he may have lied about his site being down. He did say "my site" and not necessarily that of the company that his ARIN ip lookup shows. I think people have many facets, and the fact that a Stratus employee is running VM ware and updating it to the latest code should be a good sign. I was affected by the time bomb bug as well, and I do feel VM ware should have had a bigger hit.. it was a grave mistake and you guys got off pretty easily. Congrats, when yahoo or blackberry has an outage, people start getting skeptical.. just remember it was your loyal customers that wanted to make sure your product looked good that kept you afloat during this. As for FT, everyone is on this bandwagon.. I don't care so much for the super-high

thinlaunch quick take v08.20.09.txt

after reading Michael Keen's post at: I headed over to for the eval since repurposing existing winxp clients is something I am interested in.. first thing is that it requires .net 2.0 framework.. this shouldn't be an issue but just another hurdle and for whatever reason I don't have snapshot for my winxp sp2 vm with .net 2.0 already installed.. atleast not on this laptop. quick install and at the end it asks you for what executable you want to run at startup.. browse and select something. now for the guts.. it's is scary!! it creates a local user that is a member of Local Users AND Administrators called: ThinDesktopUser with a password of: test!123abc!!@# then proceeds to modify the registry to autologin and run C:\Program Files\Thin Desktop\ThinDesktop.exe /s, via the UserInit key. ThinDesktop.exe then reads: HKLM\SOFTWARE\ThinLaunch\Thin Desktop\LaunchC

kayo fs aka crippled melio fs v08.18.09.txt

(enter rant mode - you've been warned) - bear in mind I am looking at using one of the Sanbolic products for a HA solution, but with all of the potential announcements with vmworld and the new release of Sanbolic Kayo FS, I have to stop and wonder where it is all going.. Kayo FS is priced at $299/physical server designed to run on a Windows 2008 Hyper-V machine to give VMware ESX and Citrix XenServer a run for their money. After all, after 20 some odd years of existance our operating system vendor of choice has never made a true multi-host aware filesystem.. nothing new here, I think they just now gained the concept of a multi-user system. meanwhile the *nix world has their clustered filesystems and have pretty much commoditized them. enter Sanbolic, filling the niche and making their money.. if you thought VMware ESX was expensive, wait until you see the pricing to patch up NTFS.. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be cheaper to pay premier support to MS and have them rew

cisco virtual office redesign time v08.17.09.txt

- time to stop ordering the cisco 871w and move to the 881w - consolildate the current rollout of the 871 with an LWAPP and inmotion or junxion box with one device. looks like the 3G option will be later as there in no sku currently at: but instead of using the proprietary wic modules it will be based off of standard express cards. this will be nice since they are easily to replace/upgrade. thoughts on this would be that the end user would carry the 3g sprint/verizon/at&t card with them (using a pcmcia to express card tray) then unplug the device and place it in their 881w when the are at home "docked" not sure how well the ios will handle hot-insertion and removal of the express card if that is the primary link.. seems doable. the managed built-in lwapp will be perfect to replace the extra ap that we are currently using. bumping up to (8) vlans will be great since 4 really neve

datacenter cisco vmware v08.14.09.txt

in reference to the link between cisco/microsoft server virtualization validation and upcoming announcements, it clearly look like cisco wants to work with vmware in the datacenter environment and have the full support from microsoft. this whitepaper @ contains more acronyms than you can shake a stick at, but clearly paints the picture of what their vision is in a microsoft shop running exchange 2007. now after reading that article, I would boil it down, to wow, that is alot of infrastructure for email! why not just get a gmail account :) putting everything together, the following paragraph from that whitepaper sums up why they went for the SVVP: Solutions built using VMware HA and VMware DRS combined with EMC and Cisco technologies provide out-of-the-box high availability for the entire Exchange environment without requiring any Microsoft or other third-party clustering software. A critical weakness in most clustered Exchange architectures is their coverage of mailbo

nclgisa can teleport goats with google chrome v08.09.09.txt

- together we can accomplish anything at NCLGISA to answer the "goats teleported" question I had for some odd reason when I was running bintext against the chome application is: [McArdle, Joseph] It is a covert meaning for Google. It Means “ Thanks for installing the new browser, we have just stolen all the cookies, temp files, password files, documents, and all other data off your computer and “Teleported” the info to our “Good Old Application Trusties”, that we will use as we need…. ( but the browser is secure against anyone else ) did we mention that we have a Free Email Program for you ? --- [Jerry Hogan] I think a running joke based on a documentation reference. See below: “2. Create a changelist. We use Subversion, but use some tools on top of it for the review and committing process. Make a changelist with the gcl change command. The changelist name is only to help you refer to it on your local computer,

wireless pxe bios v08.09.09.txt

quick thoughts from some conversations today.. - why is there no wireless pxe booting? it should be straight forward to put this in bios.. - bios manufacturers should be bought out by the major companies such as Dell, HP, etc.. the innovation is really lacking and Phoenix's announcement of a hypervisor in bios is long overdue in hindsight.. the bios vendors should have had this underwraps when everything first started to get big. - with proprietary flash dead and solid state here to stay the bios could really get promising - place 802.1x wired and wireless in a newly revamped bios with an integrated hypervisor and I'll be happy. - this brings back memories of trying to find a 16mb cisco proprietary ISA flash card to build my frankenstein PIX box.. good thing the 501s came out before I spend the $600 on the card! while the bios vendors are at it, they should go ahead and carve up 4/8gb of storage the run their os of choice and our recovery partition.. sounds more an

google chrome appdata local v08.04.09.txt

yapagc - yet another post about google chrome. - no google toolbar, a bit of an oversight - installing to local appdata ?  defeats it governance, causes headaches to it staff.. thanks, google - talk about the about: internets page.. it calls sspipes . scr , that is why your pipes are clogged under vista, just copy in your favorite screensaver or hexedit and have fun. - still want to know how to teleport goats.. "Goats teleported " too tired to dig further - I know its beta, but the size of the app could have been considerably smaller if they would have removed all of the full text and debugging code.. - - don't see silverlight in there.. hmm , wonder why! - back to the appdata stuff.. this is getting ridiculous.. this is where microsoft as an "operating system" vendor of a proprietary OS should step in and say no to running executable content from the " AppData " folder.. may

esx cluster vmware workstation 6.5 beta v08.01.09.txt

following the directions of a few helpful links:!!!.html grab vmware workstation 6.5 release candidate build 110068 @: need a iSCSI target since the shared scsi bus doesn't work with 6.5 anymore.. why I don't know.. seems like a quick thing.. also seems like I'm taking it upon my self to run the beta version, so I'l up for a non-supported option.. pick up openfiler @ good iSCSI setup notes at: so end result on a Dell D630 dual-core with 4gb ram running windows 2008 x64: (2) vmware esx 3.5.0 update 2 virtual hosts (1024mb ram/ea) (1) virtualcenter (768mb ram) (1) openfiler 2.3 iSCSI target serving off a simple 20gb scsi vmdk (256mb ram) (1) windows 2