citrix pvs large ad slow console hotfix v08.29.09.txt

quick note -

this hotfix along with it's rudimentary installation method of manually stopping a service and then copying in files and restarting a service does work to dramatically increase the speed of the management console when working with any size PVS farm with a large AD environment.

if you are looking to deploy PVS 5.0 and/or demo some of the features and it is looking rough with the response times to change device properties this patch is for you! the bad thing is that it doesn't show up in a small demo vm lab since you usually don't have a large AD environment to deal with, then you go and rebuild in production and everything slows to a crawl.

I'm just curious how many PVS hotfixes will have to be deployed like this.. I think there are a few application packagers out there under GPL.. you know, Citrix being an "Application Delivery" company any all...


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