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apple ipad yar with other thoughts v10.08.04.txt

Ok, so after looking at my predictions for the iPad, I guess it was just more wishful thinking than reality..

So, there was plently of room for a multi-color LED it was not included.  Seriously, how difficult would it be to put an LED in the bezel so you can tell if you have a new email when you flip open the case?  The background email checks with the little new email sound is nice, but with no customization I don't think it would be fun in a room with one or more iPads (think classroom)

The Citrix Receiver for the iPad and immediate followup with the Citrix 2.2 Receiver as a wireless mouse for the iPhone was timed perfectly for that thin client proving ground concept.  It works great, it takes all of 2 minutes to setup and really if as simple as your email client.

Thoughts for the industry, start using SRV records for services over the internet in a more simple approach.  Upon watching the iPad waiting to resolve where my ActiveSync service was located for Exchange, it prompted…