apple ipad yar with other thoughts v10.08.04.txt

Ok, so after looking at my predictions for the iPad, I guess it was just more wishful thinking than reality..

So, there was plently of room for a multi-color LED it was not included.  Seriously, how difficult would it be to put an LED in the bezel so you can tell if you have a new email when you flip open the case?  The background email checks with the little new email sound is nice, but with no customization I don't think it would be fun in a room with one or more iPads (think classroom)

The Citrix Receiver for the iPad and immediate followup with the Citrix 2.2 Receiver as a wireless mouse for the iPhone was timed perfectly for that thin client proving ground concept.  It works great, it takes all of 2 minutes to setup and really if as simple as your email client.

Thoughts for the industry, start using SRV records for services over the internet in a more simple approach.  Upon watching the iPad waiting to resolve where my ActiveSync service was located for Exchange, it prompted a quick Google search that revealed the AutoDiscover process and the use of SRV records.  The implementation is undesirable to say the least.   Why would the service name be called _autodiscover?  That is the point of the SRV records, the service name should be named the service that is being offered!!  IE: _msactivesync, exchangeowa, etc..  AutoDiscover is precisely what the SRV records do, not something that should be shoved into on particular product and branded.. (thanks marketing.. your always there to stifle technology)

Along this same concept, Citrix should do the same for finding your external entry point for your CAG, CSG, WI, or whatever you may have stood up in front of the server farm.  That would really fall in line with the Dazzle concept quite nicely.

As for the iPad and the lack of filesystem.. this may have merit on the iPhone/iPod Touch, but makes for very unstable approach when you attempt to use the larger device as a laptop replacement.  I am not sure why you would take the time to expose your photo album across all applications and then sandbox all documents to each individual application.  And yes, the functionality is there.. I am waiting to jailbreak the device just so I can symlink the documents folders from each installed application to a central location.   The reality of this limitation is as follows...

You received a .doc/.docx attachment in you email client, if you have Pages installed, you have a nice "Open in Pages" integration button (so much for non-Apple apps doing the same.. follow your own rules Apple) the .doc now is in Pages, but you really want to make it available to GoodReader and file it away since it isn't something you need to edit.. Not possible.. unless you throw the .doc to a cloud-based storage service and pull it back down.. why should I have to do that when the .doc file is sitting in the filesystem already??  Again, this is a major short coming.. keep in mind without multitasking of non-Apple apps, you would never have to worry about document contention either..

Aside from that, it is just like any other weather report.. all of the nice things and expected things that could be said will just be forgotten or assumed.  I would like to see a case that incorporates a holder for the iPhone or iPod touch and more app developers taking advantage of bluetooth or ad-hoc wifi pairing to create interesting mixes.. heading off to test the Camera A, Camera B app now..


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