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twitter zero following change predicted v10.31.01.txt

Not really anti-social here, but there is an inherent problem with twitter that will likely cause people to rethink their following lists.  The 0 following may reduce DM functionality but there are always tradeoffs and mentions are fine in a public timeline perspective.

30 minute follow-up, it would appear that the linkage is stronger if you protect your tweets..

apple 10-inch ipod slate pad err qualcomm tablet best guess v10.24.01.txt

Everyone gets a guess at this right?  It is brilliant that Apple can keep something like this from mainstream media so well.

My best guess without justifications:

- Qualcomm Mirasol 10" display to advance the ebook reader market
- Qualcomm Snapdragon single-core with 1-2GB RAM, 32-64GB NVRAM
- Qualcomm GOBI chip supporting over-the-air activation for AT&T and Verizon

- Based on iPhone OS 4.0 with code-signing and application approval through AppStore, not a full OSX.
- More initial applications that run backgrounded besides Safari and Mail.
- Push notification will be more robust.
- A multi-color LED indicator
- Limited theming (based on AppStore approved themes)

- Price: $599

- Time to jailbreak: 4-7 weeks from launch date by @geohot

yet another vmware zimbra take v10.18.01.txt

Yet another response to zimbra acquisition by vmware.. in this case, the catalyst was an article provided by Gestalt IT:
First, no software application should be "optimized" for a specific hypervisor. Citrix claims this with XenApp and then doesn't openly publish what the optimizations are. Why do I want a hacked up hypervisor that can run specific applications faster than others? Imagine if RAM and Hard Drive manufacturers started making claims that Adobe Photoshop runs faster because of specific optimizations on the controllers provided by Crucial and Western Digital.
VMware's sudden diversity isn't really all that sudden, they've stagnated Thinstall's application a year ago while they were trying to break into the application virtualization market. While I would love to see the product mature, it appears to have back burnered it to launch VMware View without an effective way to …

adobe 9.3 remote code fix security categories v10.14.01.txt

After the upmteenth time of having to upgrade Adobe Acrobat Reader because of remote code exploits that we see everyday, I took a look under Edit - Preferences and noticed the "Security" and "Security (Enhanced)" tabs are visible in 9.2 and in 9.3. Although there are slight changes, just the fact of having a "security" category with an "advanced security" button and yet another "security (enhanced)" category it is time for some consolidation, or maybe not!

My suggestion, based on current industry practices and just to clarify would be to go with the following new categories:

Security (Bronze)
Security (Silver)
Security (Gold)
Security (Platinum)
Security (Titanium)
Security (Titanium Plus)
Security (No really, we mean it, we are just going to render PDF files, you'll be safe, really!)

Your own recommendation for the security flaw in 9.2 (APSA09-07) involves making a change under Edit -> Preferences category for the javascript blacklist…

an app for me v10.12.01.txt

After watching to special on CBNC about apps, I decided to submit an idea to MEDL's App Incubator:

The app is plain and simple and should be free.. however I can see MEDL charging users to create the app, but that is up to them.

Google search: "there's an app for that" - 21,400,00 results :

Google search: "there's an app for me" - 8 (eight) results :
(maybe this post will make 9)

The app is simple, I tell a person, there's an app for me and they just search the appstore for randyjcress download it (for free) and then you'll they'll a quick button for all of my contact info.

Now, this could be static data in the app, or pulled for MEDL's servers via a webservice that I could login to an change.. ie: my facebook, twitter, and linkedin accounts would be obivous, but it could also have my work and mobile phone depending on user&#…