apple 10-inch ipod slate pad err qualcomm tablet best guess v10.24.01.txt

Everyone gets a guess at this right?  It is brilliant that Apple can keep something like this from mainstream media so well.

My best guess without justifications:

- Qualcomm Mirasol 10" display to advance the ebook reader market
- Qualcomm Snapdragon single-core with 1-2GB RAM, 32-64GB NVRAM
- Qualcomm GOBI chip supporting over-the-air activation for AT&T and Verizon

- Based on iPhone OS 4.0 with code-signing and application approval through AppStore, not a full OSX.
- More initial applications that run backgrounded besides Safari and Mail.
- Push notification will be more robust.
- A multi-color LED indicator
- Limited theming (based on AppStore approved themes)

- Price: $599

- Time to jailbreak: 4-7 weeks from launch date by @geohot


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