xenserver update v08.24.08.txt

ok, while starting to building the new xenapp 4.5 farm (knowing 5.0 is right around the corner) I've decided not to scrap XenServer Enterprise and give the latest beta with NIC bonding and SAN FC multipathing a shot for our XenApp VMs along with Citrix PVS 5.0 (btw, Dell Flexible Computing has updated their download site) http://www.dell.com/flexiblecomputing

Right now I don't have a problem saying we'll use XenCenter to manage the XenApp hosts running XenServer since the PVS servers are running in VMware ESX 3.5 along with the rest of the backend infrastructure..

I thought I would be stuck with no room for any shared storage since the SAN is fully carved with vmfs3 volumes and place from a Xen LVM but with Provisioning Server I can just stream the vDisks to the XenApp servers without a need for any hdd being visible to those VMs.

On a side note, the VNC-based implementation for the console in XenCenter is not so cool.. it "feels" like VNC versus a guest running VM Tools with VMware. If you know what I mean by the way it "feels" you'll understand.. otherwise continue clicking along.

The XenApp prep tool for PVS works good and it doesn't take long for the server to show back up in the farm after a reboot.. I haven't timed it, but I haven't tweaked it yet either.


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