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potential future of smart glasses v17.04.23.txt

- ideal smart glasses: bluetooth low-energy to  smartphone for connectivity and local compute resources dual heads-up display with full overlay black-out mode for immersive virtual reality transparency mode for virtual reality combined with augmented reality bone conductor technology for audio two split microphones for stereo sound processing auto-tinting lenses vs. swappable (polarized) video recording at 1080p or higher haptic feedback - low frequency waves through transducer (bone conducting) sweat and water resistant pluggable to external power bank via cable through glasses retainers (ie: croakies) eye tracking - processing capabilities: motion sense to read own hand gestures for audio/video start/stop integration with cloud-based natural language processing (siri, alexa, cortana, google, etc) augmented reality overlays (like snapchat, better than recon pro) cloud sync of audio/video recording speech to text for metadata indexing throughout the day vid