potential future of smart glasses v17.04.23.txt

- ideal smart glasses:
  • bluetooth low-energy to  smartphone for connectivity and local compute resources
  • dual heads-up display with full overlay
    • black-out mode for immersive virtual reality
    • transparency mode for virtual reality combined with augmented reality
  • bone conductor technology for audio
  • two split microphones for stereo sound processing
  • auto-tinting lenses vs. swappable (polarized)
  • video recording at 1080p or higher
  • haptic feedback - low frequency waves through transducer (bone conducting)
  • sweat and water resistant
  • pluggable to external power bank via cable through glasses retainers (ie: croakies)
  • eye tracking
- processing capabilities:
  • motion sense to read own hand gestures for audio/video start/stop
  • integration with cloud-based natural language processing (siri, alexa, cortana, google, etc)
  • augmented reality overlays (like snapchat, better than recon pro)
  • cloud sync of audio/video recording
    • speech to text for metadata indexing throughout the day
    • video post processing for object recognition
  • use of smartphone gps coordinates for onscreen maps
- eliminated devices
  • smart watches
  • dash cameras
  • in-car gps
  • airpods, headphones, earbuds
  • sunglasses
  • body cams (public safety)
  • vr glasses
- second-life like but in the physical world
  • imagine looking at someone through these glasses and their attire has been replaced with digital attire and is based on their current physical clothes contain markers like optitrack and what you see is a augmented reality version of the digital clothes the individual wanted you to see?
    • this would be akin to avatar building on an xbox 360 but for your own self interacting in the physical world.
    • sports celebrity players could have dynamic stats show on their clothes along with rotating advertisements (eye tracking) could gauge your interest in specific areas and natural language processing could be used to request more information to be displayed dynamically at the bottom of the heads-up display
- all technologies exist today and just need to be converged.


Jerry Hogan said…
You build it I'll write software for it.

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