an app for me v10.12.01.txt

After watching to special on CBNC about apps, I decided to submit an idea to MEDL's App Incubator:

The app is plain and simple and should be free.. however I can see MEDL charging users to create the app, but that is up to them.

Google search: "there's an app for that" - 21,400,00 results :

Google search: "there's an app for me" - 8 (eight) results :
(maybe this post will make 9)

The app is simple, I tell a person, there's an app for me and they just search the appstore for randyjcress download it (for free) and then you'll they'll a quick button for all of my contact info.

Now, this could be static data in the app, or pulled for MEDL's servers via a webservice that I could login to an change.. ie: my facebook, twitter, and linkedin accounts would be obivous, but it could also have my work and mobile phone depending on user's that download and run the app.. but that is getting more complicated for the initial idea.
So let's hope MEDL likes that idea or anyone that can compile and submit a simple app to the appstore.. then I can buy a t-shirt from VistaPrint with my app icon, name and "There's an app for me".

As a side note, regardless, I think I'll hack up some webapp code and atleast be able to publish a webapp with a full screen UI that will link to my pages. I am still not sure why developers that are frustrated about their apps that depend on data service don't just make webapps in the interim?? IPSwitch did a great job with their internal WhatsUp Gold Mobile Access for the iPhone!


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