adobe 9.3 remote code fix security categories v10.14.01.txt

After the upmteenth time of having to upgrade Adobe Acrobat Reader because of remote code exploits that we see everyday, I took a look under Edit - Preferences and noticed the "Security" and "Security (Enhanced)" tabs are visible in 9.2 and in 9.3. Although there are slight changes, just the fact of having a "security" category with an "advanced security" button and yet another "security (enhanced)" category it is time for some consolidation, or maybe not!

My suggestion, based on current industry practices and just to clarify would be to go with the following new categories:

Security (Bronze)
Security (Silver)
Security (Gold)
Security (Platinum)
Security (Titanium)
Security (Titanium Plus)
Security (No really, we mean it, we are just going to render PDF files, you'll be safe, really!)

Your own recommendation for the security flaw in 9.2 (APSA09-07) involves making a change under Edit -> Preferences category for the javascript blacklist functionality. Again, not even under the security category.. Maybe it's time to take some of your money put into the NOS Installer and invest into a 3rd party company to address your security issues instead.


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