kayo fs aka crippled melio fs v08.18.09.txt

(enter rant mode - you've been warned)

- bear in mind I am looking at using one of the Sanbolic products for a HA solution, but with all of the potential announcements with vmworld and the new release of Sanbolic Kayo FS, I have to stop and wonder where it is all going..

Kayo FS is priced at $299/physical server designed to run on a Windows 2008 Hyper-V machine to give VMware ESX and Citrix XenServer a run for their money. After all, after 20 some odd years of existance our operating system vendor of choice has never made a true multi-host aware filesystem.. nothing new here, I think they just now gained the concept of a multi-user system. meanwhile the *nix world has their clustered filesystems and have pretty much commoditized them.

enter Sanbolic, filling the niche and making their money.. if you thought VMware ESX was expensive, wait until you see the pricing to patch up NTFS.. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be cheaper to pay premier support to MS and have them rewrite NTFS.. I seem to recall that you could pay a onetime fee for them to program the DST changes for unsupported OSes... maybe they'll do the same for Windows 2008 since they just launched it..

my problem is that I'm not sure how long Microsoft will let them continue.. and at $299/server I wouldn't mind Kayo.. but I want to run it under vmware esx for Citrix Provisioning Server and that is a no no.. the setup.exe pops up a dialog and immediately tells you that is unsupported uner a virtual machine and exits. after quite a few right clicks, double-clicks and drag and drops, kayo_fs looks to have the capability to run under vmware, there is just a nice DetectVirtualMachines.dll that is being called.. that and the combination of HKLM registry keys with per_process keys of vmware.exe, vmserverdWin32.exe, vmserverdWin32.exe set to report_ntfs..

I would come to the assumption that this is clearly a crippled version of melio_fs that is set not to run under any virtualization platform and only to make Hyper-V look good until MS can enhance NTFS.

(end rant mode)

UPDATE - after speaking with Sanbolic, I felt bad and removed the post since it was after a long day of work and school, but after re-reading it, I don't feel there is anything geniunely wrong with my first assumption. I will most likely be utilizing Melio FS Enterprise (since standard isn't supported under ESX).. but it all works out and will only end up being a $30-35/per wks cost.. a few tests next week will help determine this figure.


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