nclgisa can teleport goats with google chrome v08.09.09.txt

- together we can accomplish anything at NCLGISA

to answer the "goats teleported" question I had for some odd reason when I was running bintext against the chome application is:

[McArdle, Joseph]
It is a covert meaning for Google.

It Means “ Thanks for installing the new browser, we have just stolen all the cookies, temp files, password files, documents, and all other data off your computer and “Teleported” the info
to our “Good Old Application Trusties”, that we will use as we need….

( but the browser is secure against anyone else ) did we mention that we have a Free Email Program for you ?


[Jerry Hogan]
I think a running joke based on a documentation reference. See below:

“2. Create a changelist. We use Subversion, but use some tools on top of it for the review and committing process. Make a changelist with the gcl change command. The changelist name is only to help you refer to it on your local computer, so call it whatever you want:

C:\code\src\chromium> gcl change mychange

This will open your text editor. Write the change description at the top of the file. The description should describe what your patch changes and why. This is important for people who are looking at commit logs in the future to track down an issue: they should be able to see why you changed it without going anywhere else. You should also add a BUG=bug_number line at the end of the description so they can find the associated bug. Example:

Increase the goat teleporter timeout threshold to 100 because the old
value of 10 caused problems for extremely overweight goats. Tests show
that the largest goat in existence should be teleported in 50ms, so...

Cut and paste the filenames above or below the divider to add files to or remove files from the changelist. You can use the gcl opened command to see your changed files and changelists:

C:\code\src\chromium> gcl opened
M browser\browser.vcproj ← this is a modified file not in any changelist

--- Changelist mychange:
M browser\”


Neil said…
A dedicated website to Google's Teleported Goats!

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