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From Mike D's blog entry: Time for Some Real Names Stratus

It is only advantageous to the end user for you guys to duke it out in order to weed out the marketing fluff.. not sure you should "ban" a user from posting comments because he may have lied about his site being down. He did say "my site" and not necessarily that of the company that his ARIN ip lookup shows. I think people have many facets, and the fact that a Stratus employee is running VMware and updating it to the latest code should be a good sign.
I was affected by the time bomb bug as well, and I do feel VMware should have had a bigger hit.. it was a grave mistake and you guys got off pretty easily. Congrats, when yahoo or blackberry has an outage, people start getting skeptical.. just remember it was your loyal customers that wanted to make sure your product looked good that kept you afloat during this.
As for FT, everyone is on this bandwagon.. I don't care so much for the super-high Stratus tax and the fact the even the $40k servers run 80gb SATA drives, or that Marathon has teamed up with Xen only, or that you guys haven't released the product and that it will only support 1 core. The bottom line is that it is a race, and there is going to be pushing and shoving... All I can say is supply your engineers plenty of energy drinks, and may the best vendor reach the market first with a FT product that is semi-affordable for the masses.

Until then, we will continue to rely on the software manufacturers to develop active-passive and active-active configurations.. oh wait! That is what they should be doing and you shouldn't even be worried about FT anyway! Unfortunately that will never happen.. so you guys are still in luck.


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