wireless pxe bios v08.09.09.txt

quick thoughts from some conversations today..

- why is there no wireless pxe booting? it should be straight forward to put this in bios..

- bios manufacturers should be bought out by the major companies such as Dell, HP, etc.. the innovation is really lacking and Phoenix's announcement of a hypervisor in bios is long overdue in hindsight.. the bios vendors should have had this underwraps when everything first started to get big.

- with proprietary flash dead and solid state here to stay the bios could really get promising

- place 802.1x wired and wireless in a newly revamped bios with an integrated hypervisor and I'll be happy.

- this brings back memories of trying to find a 16mb cisco proprietary ISA flash card to build my frankenstein PIX box.. good thing the 501s came out before I spend the $600 on the card!

while the bios vendors are at it, they should go ahead and carve up 4/8gb of storage the run their os of choice and our recovery partition.. sounds more and more like the PC manufacturers should gobble up the bios companies now.

Better yet, let's have citrix or vmware purchase a bios mfr since phoenix was supposed to based of xen anyway and then license the whole thing to the pc mfrs for thin clients.. not sure what the point of xp embedded would be if a thin client could boot the xenserver hypervisor then launch an ica client for vdp, oh and be managed with xencenter while we are at it!

or if Microsoft could buy them they could just put Hyper-V in it for everything.. hey they managed to get the keyboard mfrs to put a windows key on every ps2 keyboard in the world..

but back to the basics.. I'd just like an easy way to put the asset tag in the bios of a Dell or HP went I enter the bios menu during an inital boot!


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