cisco virtual office redesign time v08.17.09.txt

- time to stop ordering the cisco 871w and move to the 881w

- consolildate the current rollout of the 871 with an LWAPP and inmotion or junxion box with one device.

looks like the 3G option will be later as there in no sku currently at:
but instead of using the proprietary wic modules it will be based off of standard express cards. this will be nice since they are easily to replace/upgrade.

thoughts on this would be that the end user would carry the 3g sprint/verizon/at&t card with them (using a pcmcia to express card tray) then unplug the device and place it in their 881w when the are at home "docked" not sure how well the ios will handle hot-insertion and removal of the express card if that is the primary link.. seems doable.

the managed built-in lwapp will be perfect to replace the extra ap that we are currently using.
bumping up to (8) vlans will be great since 4 really never existed since you couldn't get rid of vlan 1.

IP SLA is great and works wonderfully with the voip monitor for IPSwitch Whatsup Gold.
There are plently of other really good products that can read the SLA stats now as well but for straight-forward MOS scoring and the detailed history charts it will accomplish what you need to troubleshoot and trend problems with slow and flaky dsl and cable circuits.

Quick cost run down (street range).. not considering msrp or the typical 35-42% off:

CISCO881W-GN-A-K9 $700 - everything in a box (be nice if they already had express card slots)
800-IL-PM-2 $110 - 2 port PoE module if you have a VoIP phone or IP camera
SL-880-AIS $100 - need this for advanced ip - eigrp and dmvpn back to the 28xx/38xx headends.

So, we are still under $1000 for a fully functional box at a remote site and then I can pull back the lwapp AP and reuse at fiber connected sites so this it an internal discount of $450 per site!

I guess I wil find out tomorrow whether the distribution warehouses have these in stock or not.

The content filtering option is pretty nice and could be used for public lab use - looks like they have a 30-day trial sku but the 1yr is right around $100 so this would be good for split-tunnel use as well.. no reason to backhaul their internet traffic if the policy could atleast be applied at the edge.


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