esx cluster vmware workstation 6.5 beta v08.01.09.txt

following the directions of a few helpful links:!!!.html

grab vmware workstation 6.5 release candidate build 110068 @:

need a iSCSI target since the shared scsi bus doesn't work with 6.5 anymore.. why I don't know.. seems like a quick thing.. also seems like I'm taking it upon my self to run the beta version, so I'l up for a non-supported option..

pick up openfiler @

good iSCSI setup notes at:

so end result on a Dell D630 dual-core with 4gb ram running windows 2008 x64:

(2) vmware esx 3.5.0 update 2 virtual hosts (1024mb ram/ea)
(1) virtualcenter (768mb ram)
(1) openfiler 2.3 iSCSI target serving off a simple 20gb scsi vmdk (256mb ram)
(1) windows 2003 server vm under the esx cluster with drs/vmotion/ha (384mb ram)

setup everything at first with a single NIC all set to NAT
went back and configured secondary HOST only NICs for the 4 vmware.workstation VMs for iSCSI connectivity and to assign a new vSwitch1 to both esx hosts to put the vmkernel interface.. needed a second service console as well.

tested vmotion with the windows 2003 server while running and pinging an internet site.. works great but slow.. I have a feeling this would run much better on a quad-core with an external raid array to get the disk speed up as well.

what really struck me about this is the ability to test a small scale enterprise setup of vmware esx on what would appear to be a $600-$700 laptop if the weekend sale papers are good.

ahh.. just waiting for cisco to move over to x64 processors for their routing and switching! I know gns is available but it would be great to power up a cisco catalyst switch vm!


Michel@qwentes said…

I am trying to set up an esx test environment under vmware workstation everything works except HA.
My question is did you manage to setup HA ?

DACAIT said…
Does it really worth it that much to purchase Virtual Center? Would it be worth it to purchase Virtual center
If I don't upgrade my VI3 from standard to Enterprise. The post above cheered me up a lot into buying it, but it did not
mention what it will give & not give in standard edition.

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