mindtouch deki update v08.24.08.txt

-mindtouch deki enterprise purchased (http://www.mindtouch.com)
-using 8.05.2 version in their VM for best support
-will focus on esx vm-based replication (possibly with vReplicator) for db/attachment sync
-there is really no need to get mysql replication and rsync for filesystem syncronication because it only scales for this one app.. vm-based replication would scale better and across all systems.
-cost per year versus sharepoint (5:1 savings)
- doesn't integrate like office/sharpoint does, but how many "work in progress" docs need to be in word vs. an html wysiwyg editor?


Roebot said…
Today you can get rich Microsoft Office integration with ThinkFree Server. It allows users to view, edit, save MS Office docs; thereby creating a new version of the attached file. All from within MindTouch Deki and without having MS Office installed locally. Contact us for more information: [email protected]

Also, there is richer integration with MS Office on the way.
Roebot said…
I just looked at your linkedin profile. I too am a UNC-Chapel Hill Alum. There are several of us at MindTouch. :-)

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