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The purpose of this blog is to document thoughts and ideas about events that relate to my daily work and research. It's hard to try and give back thoughts and opinions in a digital communication form when you are so used to formulating ideas and concepts from Googling everything, subscribing to a hundred or so RSS feeds, and drilling through all of the marketing hoopla with vendors. There is not enough time to digest the information I've read and heard, let alone try and comment on it in any meaningful way.

Nonetheless, I feel it is about time I tried.. we'll see how it goes, and hopefully there will be some unique content that will be considered a contribution back to the greater good.

Topics that are currently at the top of my interest:

virtualization - comparison of hypervisors and the end game of commodity enterprise v12n
network security - documentation of best practices, focusing more real ways to solve problems instead of buying alot of appliances to make you feel that you are more secure.
network monitoring - how to proactively monitor your critical resources (does anyone sleep beside their Blackberry in the normal profile?? hmm.. it has to be possible)
web apps - Google Apps and Amazon EC2 are changing the way we think about storing critical business data and running our virtualized servers.. just waiting for pdf upload at Google Docs and Xen 3.1 at Amazon EC2

more to come..


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