thin clients, library shared workstations, vdi for a perfect combo v07.15.11.txt

Microsoft has matured their original Shared Computer Toolkit to Windows SteadyState. The new version is well documented and really becomes a player against existing Deepfreeze environments for libraries. The Windows Disk Protection feature is very similar and now supported scheduled update windows.

If this product were to be combined with thin clients at libraries along with VDI and a SteadyState prepared load of Windows XP you would have a great combo for an IT staff and librarian freedom for implementation of new software in computer lab or kiosk environments.

Utilizing thin clients, you could reduce the hardware costs and risk of theft or damage at the physical lab setting. Having the image run on backend servers would minimize replacement or addition time frame of new lab computers. This would work especially well if you utilized a single virtual drive that they all boot from..

Library staff would be able to make changes and add software very easily with wizard interface in the SteadyState application and then re-protect the hard drive after installation.

Once SteadyState 2.5 comes out of beta and supports Windows Vista, it would be just creating another image on the VDI servers and instructing then thin clients to run the new OS. You could even offer the lab users an option and have the library staff select the image based on their preference if needed.


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