xen-based vmm with san-less ha from thinsy v07.16.11.txt

After reading the latest blog post from virtualization.info:

I just can't help wonder how many more Xen-based virtualization packages are going to delivered and how well they are going to keep up with Xen's release of the VMM along with their own enhancements and modifications. It seems like everyone is ready now that Xen 3.1.0 supports Windows-based guest OSes.

What is interesting in this release is that I've just finished a proof-of-concept with XenEnterprise 4.1 to perform disk to disk replication and XenMotion utilizing LVM on top of DRBD 8.2.1 since XenSource (now Citrix) provides a DDK image to recompile kernel modules for Dom0. It worked and I was able to perform XenMotion with running DomUs between the two hosts utilizing a primary/primary cluster with the "allow-two-primaries" option in the DRBD resource config file.

It will be interesting to see what Thinsy's EnSpeed VMM is using as an underlying filesystem and whether Jagane Sundar wrote his own disk sync program for LiveSync or is utilizing DRBD or the likes. Maybe he will post an entry on his blog explains the underlying details.. until then, I'll have to wait until my 1.3gb iso download completes before I can look under the hood.


Unknown said…
Do you have instructions on how you got everything to work?

I tried doing the same with 4.0.1 and was unable to create a shared storage pool between the two machines. I was able to create a pool that both machines saw, but only one machine had access to.

Any hints/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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