citrix xenapp repurposed pc into thin client v09.28.11.txt

After reading quite a few blog posts and coming to the conclusion that is a time and place to 3rd party PC re-purposing applications, I still feel the client provided by Citrix should be able to accomplish the goal.

Well there is a way, and here is a quick video showing you how you can modify the desktopappliancelock.msi from Citrix with a quick msi modification using Orca to allow the client to be used to log into the local desktop and immediately be taken to their Citrix XenApp Published Desktop.

Video Link (6:52 runtime for full process) - link corrected 11/30/09

Items accomplished with the method above:

  • Single sign-on with domain joined workstations
  • Not running explorer.exe as the shell locally
  • CTRL-ALT-DEL passthrough to the backend server (ie: task manager for the right app set)
  • Logoffs on the backend server result in a local logoff as well
  • HDX support if Adobe Flash is loaded locally
  • Local administrator login bypasses this setup and goes straight to the local desktop (explorer.exe)
  • No additional costs for 3rd party software to create this environment


nzgreen said…
Link says the video has been deleted. Do you know if it is hosted elsewhere?
Randy J. Cress said…
Link has been updated.. silly guids! I knew they couldn't just have a decent length url!

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