how to kill an ix4-200d with ssd iometer tests v09.30.12.txt

In response to Gabe's Virtual World post on his IX4-200D testing @

and the follow-up from Ewan's blog:

My test environment is:

Host: VMware ESX 4.0.0 bld 208167 2Gb/s etherchannel
VM: Windows Server 2008 x86

NAS: Iomeda IX4-200d with (4) Kingston SSDNow V-Series 128GB SSD - RAID10

IOMeter with OpenPerformanceTest.icf

Test 001a - Max Throughput 100% read

1891.9 IOPS
59.1 MB/s
32.4 Ms Avg
139.2 Ms Max

Test 001b - RealLife-60%Rand-65%Read

179.2 IOPS
1.4 MB/s
332.0 Ms Avg
17150.3 Ms Max

Test 001c - Max Throughput-50%Read

1589.9 IOPs
49.7 MB/s
38.1 Ms Avg
296.5 Ms Max

Test 001d - Random-8k-70%Read

- NO RESULTS - Kills the NAS iSCSI with the ESX vmkernel's log of:

vmkernel: 0:01:12:59.532 cpu5:4116)WARNING: ScsiDeviceIO: 1266: Failed to issue command (0x16) on device naa.5000144f84161597: Timeout

Rescanning the VMFS volumes didn't help, removing and re-adding the VMware iSCSI Initiator entries didn't help.. what worked is rebooting the Iomega IX4-200d device. This was tested three times for verification.. if anyone cares to browse the vmware logs let me know..

Ran the ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.46 from:

Ended up getting close to a 40MB/s write and >70MB/s read rates overall..


Ewantoo said…
Thanks for checking the ix4-200d with SSD's Randy, pretty interesting that your figures don't vary too much from the straight SATA disk performance.

It does suggest that the ix4-200d is the bottleneck, either the iSCSI, the CPU, or RAID5 performance has got something holding back the disks from performing with random workloads.

Though as storagebod on twitter commented, everything low-end dies on random workloads, and the ix4-200d is incredibly cheap for what it does..
Chad Sakac said…
Glad to see the community poking at it and pushing it!!! While the ix4-200d runs on a pretty light system on a chip, the roadmap of this class of device is accelerating rapidly as they get widely used. The other thing is that they likely won't stop at 4 disk configurations....
Unknown said…
Is that we can directly replace 4 HD to SSD? Need hack or crack the rom?

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