ssd iometer follow-up tests v09.31.12.txt

I needed to followup on my test results with the Iomega IX4-200d SSD iometer testing to see what could be going on.. see for the first set of numbers, but I will duplicate them here for comparision purposes.

The main goal was to keep the (4) Kingston SSDNow V-Series 128GB SSD Drives in a hardware RAID10 array throughout the testing process. I will drop the millisecond avg and max because it matters, but isn't the focal point..

Group_A: Iomega IX4-200d RAID10 SSD drives, 1Gb/s iSCSI to VMware ESX 4.0.0 bld 208167 with Windows Server 2008 x86 VM.

Group_B: Iomega IX4-200d RAID5 1TB mechanical disk, 1Gb/s iSCSI to VMware ESX 4.0.0 bld 208167 with Windows Server 2003 VM -

Group_C: RAID10 SSD Drives with LSI Logic PCIe MegaRAID SAS 8204ELP on Windows 7 Enterprise x64 direct IOMeter tests on the SYSTEM volume (C:)

Group_D: RAID10 SSD Drives with LSI Logic PCIi MegaRAID SAS8204ELP on Windows 7 Enterprise x84 with StarWind iSCSI Free Target with 1Gb/s Broadcom network connection


Test 001a - Max Throughput 100% read

Group_A: 1891.9 IOPS @ 59.1 MB/s
Group_B: 1761.9 IOPS @ 55.1 MB/s
Group_C: 4758.0 IOPS @ 148.63 MB/s
Group_D: 3361.7 IOPS @ 105.1 MB/s

Test 001b - RealLife-60%Rand-65%Read

Group_A: 179.2 IOPs @ 1.4 MB/s
Group_B: 89.2 IOPS @ 0.70 MB/s
Group_C: 109.0 IOPs @ 0.85 MB/s
Group_D: 99.3 IOPS @ 0.78MB/s

Test 001c - Max Throughput-50%Read

Group_A: 1589.9 IOPS @ 49.7 MB/s
Group_B: 705.3 IOPS @ 22.0 MB/s
Group_C: 1220.0 IOPS @ 38.0 MB/s
Group_D: 1771.63 IOPS @ 55.4 MB/s

Test 001d - Random-8k-70%Read

Group_A: No Results (SCSI failure)
Group_B: 64.7 IOPS @ 0.51 MB/s
Group_C: 121.8 IOPS @ 0.94 MB/s
Group_D: 95.0 IOPS @ 0.74 MB/s

Happy New Year!


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