citrix acquisition by microsoft - speculations on what could happen - v17.03.26.txt

entertaining the thoughts of a Citrix acquisition by Microsoft (only speculation)

- Windows desktops are going away, Windows apps are as well

- utilize Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop to hang on to published apps in the azure platform

- consume Netscaler VPX as your azure engine of choice to replace the long history of proxy server and isa server and threat management gateway.   Microsoft needs this more than Cisco and with the nitro API, MS could hide all of the complicated parts within the azure dashboard

- make HTML5 mainstream for azure-based Microsoft apps

- use HDX adaptive transport (over UDP) to compete with PCoIP (VMware competition for the long-haul)

- incorporate ShareFile into OneDrive for Business to enhance it's positioning against Google G-Suite apps, using network connectors to bring in on-premise file server data will help with compliance concerns

- be thankful that GoTo products are are broken off since that would compete with Skype

- use Microsoft lingo and drop: Enterprise, Platinum, etc and go to X1, X3, X5 for feature plans

- work relentlessly and tireless with Citrix and Microsoft teams to fix roaming profile issues and reduce the size of this ecosystem of product offerings that should have never existed.  MDM yes, profile management no.

- move all Octoblu teams in with Microsoft Flow and get a solid IoT platform running in Azure to compete with Amazon offerings - tie in Cortona

- should Microsoft try again an the Windows phone market or just give in - if they intend to carry the Surface line of tablets over 5 years it would be wise to have a companion handheld compute device.  Otherwise, drop the Surface and let the OEM manufacturers handle this

- merge XenMobile and Intune - make it simple and compatible with all major OSes (drop Windows mobile from that list, not worth it)

- realize that Windows App Store was dead on arrival, drop it and make the acquisition of Citrix your launch point to make all apps (Windows, Cloud, iOS, Android) accessible through SSO (with Active Directory as your IdP) 

- end of thought


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