iPad Pro with multipoint force touch and regional haptic feedback to iot household item restocking v17.03.27.txt

iPad Pro becomes the platform with force touch that allows for multiple points to recognize various pressures with regional haptic feedback

Immersive interaction giving a z-level to object and applications. Game changer for UI design when working with flat surfaces - depth would add the ability to move through 3D space.  App developers and UX designers would have a field day!

If weight could be determined this could be modified for a flexible roll application to put in kitchen cabinets to detect and read food weights for automatic reordering based on consumption - would need to figure out how to deal with non OCD item placement (kids)

No need for target subscriptions or amazon dash buttons.  Data for household item consumption data could be send back to the company supplying the flexible fabric to understand daily consumption with a massive amount of data to parse.

Could link to calorie consumption, over or under eating  and recommendations for eating habit adjustments (diets) - links back to Apple health app


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